We are proud to be part of ProXES Chocolate!

ProXES Chocolate creates new processing solutions for chocolatiers worldwide! We upgrade your production as we provide chocolatiers the perfect machinery and engineering solutions for their specific needs. We offer you an innovative concept for process technology that suits all steps ´From Roasted Bean to Ganache´ (Grinding, Conching, Fine Grinding, Ganache) and a variety of other sweet applications such as praline, paste and doughs. Let´s Choc the World together! Right now we´re combining STEPHAN Machinery (Universal machines, Combitherm) and FrymaKoruma (Corundum stone mill, CoBall® mills) machines.

With the biggest players in the Chocolate Industry at our side, we are offering seminars at training centers where you are able to learn how to produce pralines, ganache, chocolate spreads, etc. on our machinery. We are more solution oriented than ever before and aim to become the chocolatiers first choice when it comes to processing technology in the Chocolate & Pastry Industry.

Be amazed by ProXES Chocolates´ unique concept in combination with the superiority of our machinery, the innovative processing techniques and the endless possibilities!

Check out our new website www.proxes-chocolate.com and be amazed by the ProXES Chocolate solutions! With our online machine searching tool it has never been easier to find your PERFECT machinery! Follow us also on social media (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube) to always be updated about all our activities!