Soy Milk Line

FrymaKoruma soy milk line – the compact solution for grinding soya beans

The FrymaKorum soy milk line is superbly suited to the production of soy milk and meets all requirements with regard to reproducibility.

Your benefits at a glance

  • FrymaKoruma can offer an inline-execution with no contamination with air and therefore foam generation
  • Dedicated and efficient milling energy with perforated disc mill and toothed colloid mill
  • Only one feeding pump necessary for both mills
  • Efficient cleaning process due to CIP-capability of ML and MZ
  • Small Footprint results in savings in space
  • Modular structure and big variety of options (e.g. different grinding tools) allow maximum flexibility
  • Wide range of different sizes available for low to high throughputs

How it works

The FrymaKoruma soy milk line consists of an eccentric worm-drive pump with hopper, a perforated disc mill for pre-grinding and a toothed colloid mill for fine grinding. The dry or soaked soya beans are fed to the perforated disc mill together with water via a pump for pre-grinding. The pre-ground mass is then finely ground via a toothed colloid mill. In order to achieve greater productivity, the okara created after the centrifugal procedure can also be ground in a further toothed colloid or corundum stone mill.

Perforated Disc Mill

Toothed Colloid Mill

Feeding Pre-grinder Fine-grinder
2500 kg/h 1 x Eccentric screw pump 1 x ML 180 1 x MZ 150
4500 kg/h 1 x Eccentric screw pump 1 x ML 250 1 x MZ 190
8000 kg/h 1 x Eccentric screw pump 1 x ML 330 1 x MZ 250
12000 kg/h 1 x Eccentric screw pump 1 x ML 330 2 x MZ 250


  • Horizontal design of perforated disc and toothed colloid mills

  • Feed via hopper with Exzenterschneckenpumpe

  • Various perforated disc and toothed colloid grinding sets

  • Base frame static and mobile

  • Further options on request

Any more questions? We will be happy to help you!

You can find further details on how the system works, its areas of application, technical specifications and deployment options in our brochure. If you have a specific enquiry, are looking for advice or simply want direct contact, we will be happy to assist you at all times. Write to us!/Call us!