Frymix II

Frymix II - the versatile vacuum processing system for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

With its Frymix II, FrymaKoruma is offering a system for producing high-quality emulsions and suspensions as a refinement of its proven Frymix vacuum processing technology. This processing system is the result of intensive research and development as well as permanent dialogue with customers. Its gentle and defined energy input makes the Frymix II an ideal tool for the production of products sensitive to shear. Its modular design is precisely aligned with the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Modular economic miracle

The Frymix II is characterized by short production times, minimal operating costs, low space requirements and therefore high productivity. Added to this are its wide range of useful volumes, optimal product flow and its simple but very effective and validatable sterilization (SIP). The easy operation of the system resulting from its operator-friendly control and visualization, is designed for fast, easy formula control. These characteristics make the Frymix II one of the most economical and effective processing systems on the market.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Short batch times thanks to a highly turbulent product flow (guide cone), combined with optimized mixing and outstanding heating and cooling performance (dynamic heat transfer).
  • Consistently high product quality through an outstanding temperature control facility even for small volumes, perfect control and monitoring of the size of particles and drops, highly effective product deaeration by means of thin film deaeration and variable shear energy input.
  • Reproducibility on the basis of ideal flow conditions (no sluggish zones in the middle of the vessel) and automatic formula handling as well as ideal cleaning and sterilization results.


How it works

The centrepiece of the Frymix II is the homogenizer placed in the vessel in rotor-rotor design. It consists of an internal colloid tool with guide cone. The process mode can be selected steplessly from shear-intensive to shear-free. The individually controllable vacuum system allows the feeding of both liquid and dry raw materials directly to the mixing chamber below the homogenizer. With the aid of PLC-based formula control, processes can be flexibly and individually tailored to meet the requirements of the application.

Useable volume (l) min. / max. Installed
power (kW), approx.
Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg), approx.
Length Width Height
Frymix Lab
4–12 5 1500 700 1800 800
Frymix 50
15–50 12 1700 900 1900 1750
Frymix 120
40–120 20 2100 1300 2000 2300
Frymix 500
65–500 36 2500 1400 2200 4000
Frymix 1000
120–1000 56 2700 1500 2800 5800

Standard design

  • Pressure vessel with safety device and scraper agitator

  • Powerful vacuum system

  • Homogenizer with adjustable grinding gap

  • Double and insulating jacket

  • Temperature control

  • Lifting system for opening the container

  • Operator-friendly control/visualization

  • Totally CIP compatible


  • Shaft sealing ring or mechanical seal design

  • 3 automation levels and additional modules

  • Weighing cells and dosing system

  • Qualification

  • Atex/US-EX design

  • Sterile design

  • Further options on request

Any more questions? We will be happy to help you!

You can find further details on how the system works, its areas of application, technical specifications and deployment options in our brochure. If you have a specific enquiry, are looking for advice or simply want direct contact, we will be happy to assist you at all times. Write to us!/Call us!