Corundum Stone Mill

Corundum stone mill (MK) — reliable processing of liquid and semi-solid materials

Corundum stone mills are used for dispersion and wet milling. Their applications range from food and cosmetics to the chemical industry. At the heart of these machines are their corundum discs which are available in different grain sizes depending on product requirements and specific production conditions.

Versatile use, tailored to your needs

FrymaKoruma's corundum stone mills are ideal for processing mustard or sesame, nut pastes and cocoa in the food sector as well as cosmetics or chemical products such as lubricants. They can be fitted with a hopper, pump or screw in order to feed the products.

As for all other products from our company, the rule here is that the machine adapts to your needs – not vice versa. The desired grinding fineness, for example, can be perfectly set, and the right corundum disks are always available for different requirements. On request, supplementary equipment can be supplied for conversions.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Minimal product loss thanks to innovative grinding technology with perfect grinding chamber design
  • Optimized seal technology
  • GMP design
  • CIP compatible
  • High energy density with high throughput in minimal space


How it works

The material to be processed is fed in from an open hopper or in a closed piping system. The rotor element turns against the fixed stator at high speed. The product is ground between two corundum disks. The milling gap adjustment also allows the stator to be pressed against the rotor with the required pressure.

Throughput (l/h), approx. Installed power (kW) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg), approx.
Length Width Height
MK 95
10–160 5.5 680 540 360 100
MK 160
30–500 11 1030 540 620 200
MK 180
50–1000 15 1030 540 620 200
MK 250
90–2000 22 1130 540 590 380
MK 300*
150–3000 45 900 700 1200 650
MK 320*
200–5000 45 900 700 1200 650

* only available as vertical version


  • Vertical and horizontal designs

  • Feeds: pump, hopper, screw feeder

  • Various rotor and stator granulations

  • Automatic milling gap adjustment

  • Double-acting mechanical seal with mains water connection or pressurization system

  • Housing with double jacket

  • Base frame static and mobile

  • Conversion set to perforated disc and toothed colloid mills

  • Further options on request

Any more questions? We will be happy to help you!

You can find further details on how the system works, its areas of application, technical specifications and deployment options in our brochure. If you have a specific enquiry, are looking for advice or simply want direct contact, we will be happy to assist you at all times. Write to us!/Call us!