ProTec: The process technology and training centre

In its process technology and training centre ProTec, FrymaKoruma owns a facility which epitomizes our understanding of ourselves not only as a supplier but also service provider. Here you can familiarize yourself with FrymaKoruma's machines and systems, get to know the opportunities they offer you and learn something about the corporate philosophy behind them.

With its specialists in the sectors and products from the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries combined with the latest technical equipment, ProTec offers a comprehensive package of services. Here, for example, you can develop or improve formulas in a professionally equipped laboratory, test any kind of machine, perform scale-ups and produce test batches. You will receive expert advice and support on all the capabilities of the technical equipment and modifications. In this way, we can help you and your company to stay at the cutting edge of technology, thereby ensuring long-term success.

Knowledge transfer for our customers

In the process, you can benefit from the interdisciplinary knowledge and years of experience of our experts in the development and production of liquid to semi-solid products for the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food sectors. With these experts and the ProTec service centre, you will have the support of a strong partner for the optimization of products, manufacturing processes and technical equipment.

ProTec also has training and conference rooms equipped with the latest media and technology. Here your employees will be trained and instructed by experienced FrymaKoruma specialists. In terms of the subject-matter, nature and intensity of the training, we will fit in entirely with your requirements. On request, FrymaKoruma's experts will also come to the customer to train employees on site or to analyse and optimize processes in the company.

Experience acquired in the course of six decades, innovative capacity in the technical field and an uncompromising quest for the highest quality have made FrymaKoruma one of the world's leading suppliers of mixing and grinding machines. Our products stand for the highest standard of performance and reliability. With our range of services and the facilities available to you through the ProTec process and training centre, we complete the service spectrum which FrymaKoruma offers its customers. We invite you to use this experience and expertise on behalf of your company.

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