Experience acquired in the course of six decades, innovative energy in the technical field and an uncompromising quest for the highest quality have made FrymaKoruma one of the world's leading suppliers of mixing and grinding machines in the cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as food production. In all these areas, our machines and systems stand for the highest standard of performance and reliability.

We see ourselves not only as a supplier but also service provider. FrymaKoruma offers products of the highest quality which meet all demands, but also tailor-made, solution-oriented services which besides the sale, documentation and setting up of the equipment, also comprise help with commissioning as well as extensive subsequent advice and support.


Our engineers design concepts for automating production processes.

The decision to opt for a FrymaKoruma product is therefore an optimal investment in the productivity and future viability of your company.

Our machines and systems are designed in such a way that they can be adapted to meet any specific requirements and needs — no off-the-peg technical solutions but tailor-made to meet your individual demands. Even after years of operation, the system can be easily modified and brought up to date and processes optimized — for example, when new statutory regulations or the need to change production processes require such adaptations.

With our process and training centre ProTec, we offer you the chance to familiarize yourself in advance with the machines and systems of FrymaKoruma and the philosophy behind them. Together with specialists from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food sectors, you can develop or optimize formulas in a well-equipped laboratory, test any type of machine, perform scale-ups and produce test batches. You will receive expert advice and support on all the capabilities of the technical equipment and modifications. In this way, we can help you and your company to stay at the cutting edge, and enjoy long-term success.

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