FrymaKoruma AG was created in 2000 from the merger of Fryma AG (Rheinfelden/Switzerland), set up in 1949, with Koruma Maschinenbau GmbH (Neuenburg am Rhein/Germany), which was founded in 1958. One year after the merger, the first joint product was launched in the shape of the vacuum processing system MaxxD.

Today, FrymaKoruma is one of the world's leading suppliers of process engineering machinery and systems. More than 23,000 of our machines are in use in 180 countries in the cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in food production. We owe this success to our many years of experience, our commitment to quality and our innovative capacity. As different as the areas of application for our systems are, they all have one thing in common: the highest level of performance and reliability.

Besides in-depth knowledge and decades of experience in industrial automation and machinery, we offer you above all comprehensive, solution-oriented services. For this we offer you our process engineering laboratory as well as our process technology and training centre.

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