FrymaKoruma systems for food production

The food sector is characterized not only by the highest standards of quality and productivity, but also compliance with strict hygiene regulations. With six decades of experience in the industry, FrymaKoruma is your reliable partner when it comes to processing and/or producing liquid to semi-solid foods - from the processing of nuts, fruit and vegetable pieces to the production of mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise to animal food.

Your specialist for the production of liquid to semi-solid products

Whether dispersions, emulsions or suspensions, whether wet or finest grinding, pre-grinding or the production of pulp or mush from solid products: the range of requirements in food production is vast. Our product range is equally vast. All machines and systems from FrymaKoruma have one thing in common: our technical solutions consistently combine high quality and efficiency with ease of use and ease of maintenance - a big plus especially in a hygiene-sensitive field such as the food industry.