FrymaKoruma systems for the production of cosmetics

The production of cosmetic products is marked by the highest quality and hygiene standards. With decades of experience in machinery, plant construction and recipes, as well as a broad range of different machines and systems, FrymaKoruma is your competent partner in all areas of the cosmetics industry. From mascara, lipstick mass and make-up to creams, color pigments and lotions, to convenience products such as toothpaste or shampoo.

Your specialist for the manufacture of liquid to semi-solid cosmetics

FrymaKoruma, well-known for its in-depth knowledge and a service philosophy which offers a tailor-made technical solution for every requirement, commends itself for co-operation in the cosmetic industry - for example, for finest grinding of pigments, the production of high-quality emulsions and suspensions or for homogenizing creams and lotions. With our machines and systems, you will meet the highest standards of hygiene, quality and productivity.



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Thanks to a sensible combination of working tools and the variety of auxiliary units as well as the control and monitoring devices, the VME adapts to every product and every working procedure.

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