FrymaKoruma systems for the production of intermediate and final chemical products

In the chemical industry, the highest standards of quality and safety as well as strict environmental regulations must be observed. Within this framework, productivity, reproducibility and the possibility of quick product change, are additional crucial factors for production. FrymaKoruma has decades of experience and a broad range of reliable, high-performance process systems for a wide variety of applications in the manufacture of chemical products: ink and grease, paints and varnishes, high-tech and sanitary ceramics, paper coatings, semiconductor coatings and silicone emulsions, to agrochemicals, fertilizers and pesticides.

Proven cutting edge technology for laboratory and production

Accurate, reproducible formulations and precisely tailored process techniques are decisive for the quality assurance in the chemical production process. As a specialist for CIP capable systems with innovative grinding technologies and a long service life, FrymaKoruma offers the appropriate tools to ensure a consistently high quality of your products and safety during the production process. In addition to productivity and efficiency, another pillar of our corporate philosophy is the consistent alignment with the needs of our customers and the development of tailor-made solutions for all specific requirements.