FrymaKoruma offers you a broad product range of machines and systems for use in the cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in food production. Each one of these sectors makes very specific demands on the technology to be employed, and FrymaKoruma always meets the highest demands of quality and productivity.

Food: FrymaKoruma is an experienced specialist in machines and systems for the production of liquid to semi-solid food – from the rough grinding of fruit and vegetable, the emulsification of sauces to the production of mustard or mayonnaise.

Cosmetics: We are specialists in the development of liquid and semi-solid cosmetic articles, from the fine grinding of dye particles to the homogenization of creams and lotions.

Pharmaceuticals: From the dispersion of powders in liquids to the production of medical gels and salves, we have the knowledge and experience to meet the high demands made of pharmaceutical products.

Chemicals: We offer tailored processing systems for the production of paints and lacquers and for intermediate or final chemical products with consistently high product quality.

In all these areas, illustrious companies around the world are putting their faith in the technology of FrymaKoruma. Besides in-depth knowledge and decades of experience in industrial automation and machinery, we offer you above all comprehensive, solution-oriented services.

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