Service to customers

One essential pillar of FrymaKoruma's corporate philosophy is its uncompromising focus on the specific requirements of our customers. Not only do we offer tailor-made technical solutions for your specific application, but also comprehensive support for the deployment and maintenance of the systems and in the training of staff. In doing so, we make an important contribution to guaranteeing productivity and assuring quality in your company but also to optimizing costs and occupational safety as well as to preserving the value of your systems. Serving the customer is more than just customer service to us.

The majority of our comprehensive range of services are provided via our process technology and training centre ProTec. Our portfolio comprises the following areas:

Classic Service


Enhance the efficiency of your investment from the very first day! Your new FrymaKoruma technology is carefully assembled and installed by our specialists.


You make sure your new machine and your staff are ready to go fully operational. We connect the mechanical and electrical components for you and test the software features.


Our technicians can carry out an as-is analysis of the machine’s condition on request. You can have this done on your premises or, if you prefer, ship the machine to us. We provide you with recommendations regarding next steps, for example repair, maintenance or replacement.


Maintenance takes place either on-site on your premises or at our ProTec centre at a time chosen by you. We inspect, test and care for your FrymaKoruma technology and do our best to rule out any unexpected disruptions to your production process.


We provide reliable and prompt support if ever your machine needs to be repaired.
Faulty parts and / or bugs in the software are replaced or removed expertly and promptly, so that costly downtime is reduced to a minimum.


Our products are continuously developed to bring you into line with the latest state of the art. We make sure you stay up to date – and we listen to you if you have any suggestions of your own or if new legislation requires your machine to be extended. We boost your productivity by upgrading existing features or implementing new ones.

Spare parts

Our high quality machines are shipped to you in top condition. We want you to be successful in the marketplace for many years to come, which is why we supply you with original spare parts as well as all the certificates and attestations you need to manufacture quality products.

High Value Service


Is there a problem with your application, your engineering or your software? Just give us a call and we’ll provide prompt expert support!

Feasibility studies

We will gladly carry out feasibility studies on your behalf – after all, you want to be certain of achieving the desired result with our processes and technologies.


We reduce your technical and financial risks to a minimum by scaling up your manufacturing processes to a larger machine of identical design.

Product transfer

We transfer an existing product from old to new technology without compromising quality. We do this through a targeted adaptation of your processes and parameters.


To get you onto the market as quickly as possible with our FrymaKoruma technology, we provide you with start-up support during the first product run, for example by defining setpoints for optimal production results or arranging training for operators.

Product analysis and evaluation

Profit from product sample tests focusing on specific parameters such as pH, viscosity, temperature and particle size.

Optimisation of existing processes/products

To help strengthen your competitiveness, we analyse and assess your manufacturing processes or products on request. Drawing on the results, we then suggest possible measures for optimising your processes, for instance, as well as your performance, formulations and use of raw materials.

Development of new processes/products

Our aim: to support your innovation efforts! Bespoke production processes or products are developed especially for you, taking account of your workflows, parameters, technologies, formulations and raw materials.

Energy and resource management

We would be pleased to review your production processes and advise you on more effective resource management, energy saving strategies and sustainable manufacturing.


ProTec, our process technology and training centre, is the venue for numerous events dealing with specific issues in cooperation with experienced experts from research, science and industry. Take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your expertise with an informative mix of theory and practice that casts a spotlight on selected applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical markets.


We offer you customer-specific training in theory and practice designed to deepen your staff’s product and process know-how, either on-site on your premises or in the modern seminar rooms at our ProTec centre. Please contact us directly to discuss the topics and content. We look forward to hearing from you!

IQ/OQ support

After your machine has been installed, please do not hesitate to ask for support with the installation qualification (IQ) and the operational qualification (OQ). We can provide you with all relevant forms. We also help you conduct the actual IQ of machine components in accordance with the P&ID and layout documents as well as the OQ of machine functions in accordance with the FS (functional specification).

Calibration service

The initial or recalibration for the measuring circuits of your machines can be carried out by our technicians. Numerous parameters such as pressure, temperature, speed, flow rate, fill level, conductivity and pH are calibrated precisely using our high-tech instruments. This is essential in order to comply with specific requirements or standards in the framework of certification procedures.

Any more questions? We will be happy to help you!

You can find further details on how the system works, its areas of application, technical specifications and deployment options in our brochure. If you have a specific enquiry, are looking for advice or simply want direct contact, we will be happy to assist you at all times. Write to us!/Call us!