FrymaKoruma Frymix II

FrymaKoruma Frymix II

Frymix II
  Usable volume (l) Power (kW)
Frymix Lab 4-12 5,0
Frymix 50 15-50 12,0
Frymix 120 40-120 20,0
Frymix 500 65-500 36,0
Frymix 1000 120-1000 56,0

FrymaKoruma Vacuum Processing Unit, Type Frymix II

The Frymix II from FrymaKoruma is a further development of our successful Frymix vacuum processing technology. The system is designed to meet the stringent sterile application requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and the high quality emulsion and suspension demands of the cosmetic industry. And thanks to carefully defined energy introduction and a unique guide cone, the Frymix II is especially suited to shear-sensitive products.

Key benefits

Batch time improvement
• Highly turbulent product flow (guide cone) combined with rapid mixing
• Efficient heating and cooling performance (dynamic thin film heat transfer)
Precise control of product quality
• Rotor-Rotor design allowing «intensive shearing» to «shear-free»
• Accurate temperature control, even for small quantities
• Perfect particle and droplet size control
• Excellent deaeration thanks to thin film in the guide cone
Batch to batch repeatability
• Ideal flow conditions (no dead zones in the vessel)
• Recipe controlled production
• Excellent cleaning and sterilisation characteristics
Low cost of ownership
• High yield process
• Energy efficient (heating/cooling/homogenising/mixing)
• No mechanical seal in the processing area
• High efficiency motor

Functional Description

The homogenizer is composed of an internal rotor-rotor colloid tool with an innovative guide cone. Consistent, reproducible, high product quality is assured and combined with high flexibility and reliability. Fully validated, the Frymix II offers an ideal environment for sterilisation (SIP).
Modular construction enables Frymix II to be individually adapted to your
specific requirements. The system can be operated stand-alone or form the heart of a complex process. Flexibility is the key and each of the options available can be fully integrated, meeting all necessary process and safety standards.
Many years of application experience combined with extensive research and development form the basis for a processing unit which is perfectly tailored to cGMP requirements. The Frymix II has a wide useable volume range, allowing users the ability to run small or large batches on demand. Furthermore, the internal homogenizer offers precise control of shear energy introduction and therefore accurate control over particle and droplet size.

Homogenizer features

  • Rotor-rotor colloid homogenizer
  • Hygienic construction
  • Graduated stator adjustment
  • Variable shear energy introduction
  • Internal product recirculation with positive guide cone

The adjustable vacuum system enables the in-feed of both liquid and dry raw materials and additives directly into the fluid mixing chamber beneath the homogenizer. The vacuum line is then fully cleaned for hygiene purposes

Standard version

• Pressure vessel with agitator
• Vacuum system
• Homogenizer with adjustable milling gap
• Double jacket with insulation
• Heating and cooling unit
• Lid lifting device
• User-friendly control/visualisation


• Various levels of automation
• Load cells and dosing units
• Comprehensive validation documentation
• ATEX compliance
• Full range of options available on request