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FrymaKoruma MZ

FrymaKoruma MZ

Toothed colloid mill
  Throughput (kg/h) Power (kW)
MZ 50 30-300 0,75
MZ 80 100-1000 5,5
MZ 100 200-2000 5,5
MZ 110 300-3000 5,5
MZ 130 700-7000 15,0
MZ 150 1500-15000 22,0
MZ 190 2600-26000 45,0
MZ 250 4000-40000 60

FrymaKoruma Toothed Colloid Mill, Type MZ

The ideal solution for milling, dispersing and homogenizing liquid to highly viscous materials.

Key Advantages

  • High throughput in a very small space
  • Different grinding elements available for a variety of applications
  • Grinding gap adjustable (with spacer disc or stepless adjustment)
  • Optimally adaptable to each particular product
  • Best reproducibility and scale-up guaranteed
  • Easy monitoring for safe operation
  • Vertical and horizontal versions available
  • Also available as an inline mill for system pressures of up to 6 bar, versions for higher pressures upon request
  • Safety elements prevent handling errors
  • Prepared for CIP and sterile operation
  • Also available with additional equipment to replace the processing tools


  • Vertical mills with feed hopper and outlet
  • Vertical mills with feed hopper and outlet with circulation pipe for recirculation of the product
  • Vertical mills with hopper and worm feed screw
  • Horizontal inline mills for integration into pipeline systems

Technical Data

  • Power supply standard 400 V / 3 phases, 50 Hz
  • All other voltages and frequencies available upon request

Material Specifications

  • Parts in contact with the product made of stainless chrome-nickel steel AISI 316L (1.4404, 1.4435)
  • Elastomers in EPDM as standard (optionally: FPM, MVQ, NBR etc.)
  • Colloid grinding elements (rotor, stator) made of AISI 316L (1.4404, 1.4435) as a standard

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature : from 0° - 80°C
  • Air humidity : from 0 - 80%
  • Ambient air : as dust-free as possible

Functional Description

Toothed colloid mills are used primarily for wet milling of products in a wide viscosity range. Depending on the application, the mills are installed in vertical or horizontal orientation. The standard version has a fixed adjustment of the gap between rotor and stator. This facilitates an optimized grinding gap for each application. Stepless adjustment of the grinding gap with manual or automatic controls is available as an option. The universal grinding set is suitable for a wide range of applications; alternative grinding sets for specialist requirements are available.
The coarse toothed colloid head is recommended for solid ingredients, while intensive milling and dispersion is achieved with the cross-toothed grinding head. Product is fed either from a hopper (vertical execution) or by pump. All static seals are easily accessible, contributing to straightforward and thorough cleaning of the machine.

Specification of Standard Components


  • Single-acting mechanical seal (Cartridge), elastomers EPDM
  • Others upon request

Electrical & Electronic

  • Mill motor IP 55
  • Other protection types upon request


  • Conversion to a perforated disc mill (ML), a corundum stone mill (MK) possible (combined unit)
  • Machine housing for tempering
  • Worm feed screw with controlling mechanism
  • Additional grinding elements
  • "Pharma" finish
  • Different materials of construction
  • Frequency converter
  • Sterile version
  • Ex protection (ATEX)
  • Double-acting MS
  • Discharge and/or supply pump
  • Sealing liquid station