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FrymaKoruma CoBall-Mill

Stirrer bead mill
  Throughput (l/h) Power (kW)
MS 12 5-40 3-4
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MS 18 10-80 7,5-11
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MS 32 40-300 22-37
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MS 50 150-1000 45-55
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FrymaKoruma Stirrer Bead CoBall®-Mill, type MS

High performance annular gap bead mill for sub-micron milling applications

Key Advantages

  • Uniform grinding fineness with very dense particle-size distribution
  • Optimally adaptable to each particular product
  • Excellent reproducibility of the dispersion and grinding results
  • Exceptionally large heat exchange surface for optimum cooling
  • High hourly throughput combined with very fine grinding, even with highly viscous products
  • Optimum machine efficiency
  • Small quantity of grinding media
  • Product can be changed rapidly with no losses
  • Easy to clean and service owing to small grinding gap
  • Reduced environmental pollution as less solvents is required for cleaning
  • Sterile version available as an option
Technical Data
  • Power supply standard 400 V / 3 phases, 50 Hz
  • All other voltages and frequencies available upon request
Material Specifications
  • MS 12 up to MS 50: Grinding chamber 1.4034 / AISI 420, 1.4517
  • Elastomers : EPDM
Operating Conditions
  • Temperature : from 0° - 90°C
  • Air humidity : from 0 - 80%
  • Ambient air : as dust free as possible

Functional Description

The milling zone is created in the gap between a conical working vessel – the stator – and a conical rotor. The gap is in the range 6.5 to 13 mm, depending on the model selected. The movement of the rotor creates radial movement of the grinding media (metal, glass or ceramic beads). Momentum amplifies the outward motion, so that the product shear force increases steadily during the milling operation. Milling beads are automatically re-introduced into the product flow as it enters the milling chamber, so that continuous circulation of the media in the milling chamber is achieved.
The geometry of the grinding chamber ensures uniform particle size and distribution.
Product is fed by an external pump with variable flow rate.
The peripheral speed of the rotor, the width of the milling gap, the material and diameter of grinding media, media fill volume and flow velocity all affect the milling results. Each of these parameters can be varied at will to create the optimum conditions for each product.

Specification of Standard Components

  • Single acting mechanical seal
Electrical & Electronic
  • Mill motor and switchgear IP 54
  • Other protection types upon request
  • Sterile version
  • Pharma-finish with machine qualification (FAT)
  • Coolable and/or heatable grinding chamber
  • Pressure in the grinding chamber up to 5 bar
  • Different materials of construction
  • other Elastomers
  • Frequency converter
  • Ex-protection (ATEX, EExe or EExd)
  • Double-acting mechanical seal with sealing liquid system
  • Supply pump