Highly efficient, outstandingly hygienic and extremely versatile – just three of many good reasons to choose FrymaKoruma mills.

Used in laboratories and on production lines in many industries, FrymaKoruma mills are suited to a vast range of applications. The portfolio includes toothed colloid, corundum stone and perforated disc mills.
Products are loaded via a hopper that can also be fitted with a feed screw, or via a pump. The milling zone is sealed by an innovative, single or double-acting mechanical seal, with no dead space. All product contact surfaces are very easily cleaned with no need for dismantling (CIP). Thanks to optimised residue discharge and thorough washing of all static seals during the cleaning process, compliance with the highest hygiene standards (GMP, DIN EN 1672) is assured.
In all industrial sectors, demands in terms of flexibility and hygiene management are constantly on the increase. The latest range of FrymaKoruma mills sets new standards in both areas – with no compromise in throughput.