Der FrymaKoruma


Der FrymaKoruma Inline-Homogenisator

  Throughput (water) Power (kW)
DIL 100 7000 l/h 7,5
DIL 160 30000 l/h 22,0
DIL 180 60000 l/h 45,0
DIL 230 85000 l/h 110,0

FrymaKoruma DIL Inline Homogenizer

The DIL inline homogenizer is the ideal solution for continuous processing of emulsions and dispersions.

Key Advantages

  • Highly powered device working on the rotor/stator principle
  • High pumping efficiency, due to design of rotor and stator
  • Multi-chamber system (dispersing and homogenizing zone)
  • Robust stainless-steel design, suitable for handling practically all products
  • Easy to integrate into a closed pipeline system (inline system)


  • Standard inline system for installation within an enclosed pipeline
  • Design with hopper on suction side and mobile recirculation and discharge pipe for liquid and low viscosity products
  • Inline system with vertical product inlet for viscous products


  • Power supply standard 400 V / 3 phases, 50 Hz
  • Other voltages and frequencies available on request

Material Specifications

  • Product contact parts in AISI 316L stainless steel (1.4404, 1.4435)
  • Seals in EPDM as standard (other materials on request)

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature : 0° - 80°C
  • Air humidity : 0 - 80%
  • Ambient air : as dust-free as possible

Functional Description

The DisHo Inline (DIL) employs rotor/stator technology within a multi-chamber system. The first chamber houses a special mixing and feeding group; subsequent chambers contain a toothed rotor/stator homogenizing system. This model is suitable for producing emulsions and suspensions within a wide viscosity range. Product is fed via a pump. In the multi-chamber the product is subject to an initial mixing phase, then pumped to the homogenizer. Excellent product quality is assured thanks to the high shear forces exerted on the product in the shearing gap and maximum product movement at the outfeed. When processing emulsions, the machine achieves droplet sizes down to 1 ìm, with fine distribution. In the case of suspensions, powders and solids are wetted thoroughly and agglomerations dispersed prior to homogenization. The principal application for this model is as an inline system but it can also be installed beneath vacuum processing units in either horizontal or vertical configuration. Fineness of the end product is determined by the dispersing tool selected - a wide range is available.

Design Criteria

All product contact parts are easy to access and change over. Design and construction in accordance with current GMP and hygiene standards. Inline cleaning (CIP) possible in most applications.

Specification of Standard Components


  • Single-acting mechanical seal (Cartridge), elastomers EPDM
  • Other mechanical seal systems on request

Electrical & Electronic

  • Mill motor IP 55
  • Other IP codes (ingress protection) available


  • EC Declaration of Conformity as defined in the Machinery Directives 2006/42/EG, Annex II A

Additional Options

  • Alternative construction materials
  • Frequency converter
  • Sterile version (Pharma finish)
  • EEx-protection
  • Double-acting mechanical seal with option for sealing liquid system
  • Discharge and/or supply pump
  • Hopper